Welcome to Harefield Archers

This site is dedicated to the enjoyment of Archery with every type of bow.
At Harefield we have a lot to offer. Beginners are welcome – longbow, recurve and compound bows are all shot here every week.
Please look round our new site or come and pay us a visit.

Harefield Academy

During the winter we practice indoors at the new sports hall at the Harefield Academy.
With a long hall and good lighting it makes for a perfect environment for teaching and practice.


In the winter season we shoot indoors at a distance of 20 yards.
During the summer we take the sport outside. Here the target face increases and we shoot at distances of 30 to 90 metres and 20 to 100yards.
We attend a variety of external tournaments, as well as entering scores for a number of winter postal leagues.
Full details of the latest competitions can be found in the club calendar.

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Beginners Archery Courses

We run regular beginners courses throughout the year.

Please contact the secretary to get confirmed dates of the next course once they are available.  Please reserve your place on the next course, as spaces are limited and do fill up quite quickly.

Course Detail

We run a six week beginners course taking you from a complete novice to someone who can safely enter any indoor competition.  This is spread over an eight week period to allow for an occassional absence (although you are welcome to attend each and every course week!)

All the archery equipment is provided by the club.

All you need to do is turn up dressed appropriately and we can teach you to shoot safely!  Course notes are also provided by the club and you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Dress code is suitable clothes that cannot catch on the bow string.  So a close fitting top with sleeves or a t shirt is ideal.  Anything that may catch such as a necklace, dangly earrings or jewelry is best left at home.  Sensible, flat soled shoes are ideal (most members just wear trainers) and please ensure that they are not black soled as these may mark the floor.

For more information, please email the club secretary.

About Harefield Archers

Harefield Archers started in January 2010 and soon attracted members from both existing archers and from our beginners courses. We meet on a weekly basis each Tuesday evening shooting at Harefield Academy. Normally we have the use of the excellent sports hall facilities and on summer evenings we also shoot on the Academy’s sports field.

We also participate in competitions held at various times in the year. In addition, we are members of our  sport’s national body Archery GB as well as the Middlesex County Archery Association and Southern Counties Archery Society.

For those thinking of taking up archery as a new hobby, we run regular  beginners courses throughout the year, having four fully trained coaches as well as a senior coach. 

New members or beginners are always welcome and should you wish to find out more please contact secretary@harefieldarchers.co.uk in the first instance.

Find Us

We have access to an indoor hall at the Harefield Academy all year round.

During the summer months we shoot outdoors at the Harefield Academy

In Winter we do our Frostbite shoots outside at the Harefield Cricket Club