252 Award Scheme

Recurve Compound Barebow Flatbow Longbow

The aim of the 252 award scheme is to encourage archers to improve their shooting and strive to achieve awards at different distances and with different bow types.

The distances for which a badge may be claimed are as follows:

20yds - Green, 30yds - White, 40yds - Black, 50yds - Blue, 60yds - Red, 70yds - Yellow, 80yds - Purple, 100yds - Orange

We have sets of badges for each of the following disciplines:

Recurve (R), Compound (C), Barebow (B), Flatbow (F) and Longbow (L).

The rules are as follows:

  • A score of 252, (recurve), to be achieved for 3 dozen arrows shot at a given distance using 5 zone imperial scoring, 9,7,5,3,1, on a full size, 122cm face, (for other bow types please see the table below).
  • The 3 dozen to be shot immediately after 6 sighters, or as part of a longer imperial round.
  • Only the first 3 dozen shot at a given distance on any given day to count.
  • A signed and countersigned scoresheet is required in order to claim the badge.
  • Badges may be won in any order, only one badge to be claimed for any one day.

The table below shows the 3 dozen scores for each bow type as well as how many ends/arrows/dozen would be required to for a score of 252 with the same average score per arrow.

Bow Type Ends Arrows Dozen Average 3 Dozen Score
Recurve 6 36 3 7 252
Compound 5 30 2.5 8.4 300
Barebow 8 48 4 5.25 189
Flatbow 8.5 51 4.25 4.94 178
Longbow 9 54 4.5 4.66 164

252 achievement badges claimed to date:

Name 20yds 30yds 40yds 50yds 60yds 70yds 80yds 100yds
Chris Ansell R              
Paul Ansell RB              
Tom Bates RCBFL R            
Jerry Bessent RCBL RB RB          
Paul Bloomfield R R            
Ola Bilska RB              
Neil Gamble RCBFL RB R          
Emanuele Gerlando RB RB RB          
Alison Gibson R              
Andrew Harding RB              
John Harris R              
Ron Hawkes RCBL              
Ben Hickey RB              
Rebecca Isaacs R              
Kevin Johnson R R            
Gareth Kipling RB              
Thea Moores RB R R          
Tim Moores RCBFL RCBFL RCB R R R    
Matt O'Reilly R R            
Mark Owen B B            
Nilesh Pathak R R            
Liah Russell R R            
Keith Simms R R            
Bala Subbian RB R            
Brian Steptoe RB              
Tyrone Thomas R R            
David Turner RB R            
Paul Waltin R              
Mark Whapham RB R            
Ann-Marie Whincup RB R            
Mark Williams RBL R            
Tomas Williams R              

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